Idrija-Cerkno Development Agency (ICRA) was established in 1999 as a non-profit limited liability company by the Municipalities of Idrija and Cerkno. The main purpose of the agency is to facilitate local development in the areas of entrepreneurship, human resources, rural development, and environmental and spatial planning. ICRA implements local and regional development projects in Northern Primorska (part of the Goriška statistical region) and takes part in local, national and international projects. Within the contractual partnership of local development agencies in the Regional Development Agency of Northern Primorska, ICRA is specialised in carrying out activities in the fields of environment, spatial planning and infrastructure.

ICRA employs a highly qualified and experienced team specialised in the following areas:

- executing services for founders: planning and implementing sectorial strategies and development programmes and projects,

- lifelong-learning activities, creating conditions for training and education linked to social and economic development of the local community and different target groups,

- executing services of the local business centre; promoting the National Centre for Entrepreneurship: dissemination of information, procedures of company registration, counselling and advising, organizing various forms of education and training for entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurship, farmers, youth and unemployed; encouraging development partnerships, preparation of various analysis, promotion and transmission of projects (both locally and nationally), elaboration of business documents, business plans, providing technical assistance, management of farmers' market, etc.

- rural development activities, management of farmers' market, consulting in the field of development of supplementary activities on farms, educational activities, marketing and development of local products, work in the field of Slovenian protected agricultural products (Idrija žlikrofi), managing local LAG,

- coordination of regional activities in environmental and spacial planning,

- organizing and co-organizing various cultural and other local events.

We operate in the cohesive and economically developed local community of Idrija and Cerkno, mainly in the fields of education, economic development and preservation of cultural and technical heritage, while pursuing and promoting values such as innovation, creativity, knowledge, integration and openness to the world. ICRA has more than 15 years of experience in managing, implementing and coordinating projects, as well as carrying out other activities in partnership with other professional organisations like municipalities, LAGs, employment services, local elementary schools, grammar schools, local youth NGOs etc.


Agency has 15 years experiences in managing, implementing and coordinating of many projects as well as carrying out other concrete activities in partnership with other professional organisations.

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